The strength and diversity of an organization’s membership is an essential component to its success. Your support, and the support of members like you, will enable the MSBPA to achieve its goals.

Some of the many beneifts of becoming a member include:

Cooperative advertising opportunities at reduced cost
Member discounts and special offers
Participation in events to bring people back to Main Street
Bulk Mailing privileges
Access to Building Inventory data
Listing in MSBPA membership directory
Group health insurance for you and your employees
Member of Niagara USA Chamber
Participation in beautification efforts
Networking Opportunities
Regular updates on Main Street opportunities and events

Membership Categories:

Business/Professional – $120/yr An individual or an organization’s designated representative. He or she has all the benefits of membership, including voting privileges and may be elected to the board.

Non Business/Professional – $50/yr Individual must reside in the immediate area. He or she has voting privileges and may be elected to the board.

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